Kristian Gamble’s three tips on how to create crackin’ pork crackling!

June 20, 2018

  1.  Choose wisely
    Crackling is all about skin and fat, so it’s important you have enough of it to begin with! Work with the parts of the pig that have a high ratio of fat such as the neck, shoulder or as Kristian recommends – the belly!
  2. Score like a professional
    The more opportunity you give the salt and heat to penetrate the pork rind, the crunchier the crackling will be! To achieve this, make sure to score the rind with a Stanley knife, making long horizontal cuts with 1cm in between each cut. These cuts should be deep, but not deep enough to reach the meat as this will cause all those delicious juices to escape during roasting.
  3. Dry the meat
    You want the skin and fat to be as dry as possible, so if you have the time, chill your pork overnight in the refrigerator. If you’re in a rush, pat the meat dry using a paper towel and finish off with a hair dryer!